sunday zodiac signing.

 have their own definition of friendship which doesn't include much touchy-feely sentiment,or constantly being in each other's hair.
-- This' quite explain the way I tend to be solitaire, but I don't mind at all seeing such on dramas, novels, or comics. I see that kind of friendship is actually wonderful, yet it's just not my kind to have. And it took me some time to accept that.

An  INSTANT STRESS-BUSTER: A long drive. It's an easy way to feel that at least for this moment, you'll in control of SOMETHING.
-- This is the very reason I need to learn how to drive a car. I mean really drive, bravely drive in the middle of Bandung's crazy traffic. Gosh, I think I'm a little to late for it, no? 

 prefer to face the truth of something, deal with it, and move on.
-- Is something I'm still currently working on, especially the last one.

Arguing with an  is like arguing with somebody that doesn't even care about the topic, they just argue for the sake of it.
-- LOL! This is somewhat true :) Will try to fix it ;)

, and  usually responds to conflict with a bold, decisive, and instinctive action.
-- Well, I enjoy decision making, as well as enjoying it when later I found out it was a wrong one. As for me, decision making is about making decision, not about making "the right" decision". And yes, this is due to my tendency to make decisions intuitively, not logically - well, even though most people around me often mistook that I'd only do analytic thinking rather than sensing the feeling.

The Behavior of an  is Sensitive, mostly to their own needs, rarely to the needs of others.
-- I admit that my strongest weakness, aside from any random fear I have, is being egocentric.

Traveling Style by an : When you travel, you literally want to see a whole different world.
-- See the magic of perspective! With my own eyes.

As an  you are certain and confident when you choose to love someone.
-- That's why I no move on move on >.<

As an  Your ideal partner: Someone stylish, attractive, and fit who can keep you going.
-- Come to think of it, almost all of my past crushes had their distinctive style, which any of it I considered as stylish, and really were attractive in their own different way. It's just seem I'm not (stylish enough to) fit in any of them ;p

Shopping Style by an : An Aries is like a hunter with a mission; in and out in a hurry; good intuition. They do better shopping alone.
-- Window shopping is window shopping. The shopping itself is another different thing.

Source : #Aries from ZodiactFacts

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Ok! Enough having a short fun for today.

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