[notes] you are...

i should stop define you.
you're just off all definitions. wordless.

and my life is just as off as those other definitions could be.

ps : oh nooo I'm becoming more obsessed with this band >.<


fiksi, semacam racikan.

semacam racikan untuk menuturmu :
1. mengawang delusi
2. mengais rasa
3. mengubur logika
4. melapis masa
5. meresap semesta

untung kamu adalah fiksi
yang tidak pernah terlepas.


"The whitest lie of all...

... could be to lie like an index print photographs. Put bright smiles on every opened windows, those people could have said they were fake, or not, yet could never denied them. Smiles those would erase further suspicions towards any details meant to hide."

- yes i miss analog photography, so much i couldn't move back, so little i instead chose to stay within these convenience digital age (of which i must say : the age where white lies exist no more) -


[notes] in red.

A girl sure is weird. When she's sad all she has to do is wear her comfort color, nice shoes and bag, and take some walk. The after rain cloud above would be nice. 

To her surprise, her comfort color is not blue, like she always thought, but red instead. And so she knew, sadness is somewhat equal to doubt. A state of which she truly hates to be within.

Thanks God, there's such thing as walking in  fresh air. After taking some, she somewhat accepted her sadness. Not by letting it disappear, instead by facing it.

A girl sure is weird. But her heart is even weirder. It chose sadness to communicate with her, well, due to her in-sensitiveness though.

[notes] will you still love me when...

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful
Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul
I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will
Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful

i know you will,
because you won't be choosing me for i'm young and beautiful to begin with,
am i right?


"if we're meant to be together, ...

... then (one day, after nine season of lonely searching for each other) we will"

- edisi masih rada-rada keki gara-gara HIMYM nggak jadi tamat di musim tayang ke delapan -


a hello (not so far) from the bay!, teaser #3

it's either with looking forward or backward

either one, might not that wrong

however, a little seasick it is when you choose a seat facing the opposite of boat's direction


a hello (not so far) from the bay!, teaser #2

i remember there were days when i really wanted to catch each of all the city lights
and put them in my pocket so they won't go away. all must be mine!

what a greedy pair of hands, i had

but now,
i just want to lay back on the ground, watching them brighten the night
with a happy smile on my face
and a happiness at heart and mind

and a single-lens reflex camera besides (now) to take only pictures of those beloved smiles 



a hello (not so far) from the bay!, teaser #1

badan penat, kepala penat, hati penat
mungkin mereka butuh meregang sedikit

sedikit saja
sampai cukup tahu, bahwa selalu ada yang mula-mula, dan ada yang nanti-nanti.

saya (ternyata) lupa,
ada rumput yang sehijau ini
ada langit yang sebiru ini
beton yang sedikit banyak mengganggu (jadi) tak mengapa.

dan satu hal yang lupa saya bawa pulang :
kenangan berguling-guling di bawah derasnya sinar yang terik,
sambil mendengarkan 93 Million Miles.

Jason Mraz sungguh tahu perasaan seorang solo traveler.
Indeed, a solo traveler is actually never went that solo.

Hello, world!


[music] BIGBANG - Love Dust (YG On Air - Stage Ver.)

until today, i still got no idea why am i so in love with Love Dust.
as far as it was, it's all about the beat, the lyrics, the title, and the perfect vocals of Tae, Dae, and Ri for sure *hearts*
...and, first thing first though, the stage performance...
*crazy fangirl mode on*

this is another version of Love Dust at YG On Air, the stage version which only included in their ALIVE Making Collection 2012. and for that, full credit to the uploader :)



aku mengagumi bahasa tuan yang secuil semesta,
yang panasnya membuat papan takar kebenaran lamat memuai
tanpa membuatnya jadi abu-abu.

kiranya tuan perkenankan aku sunggingkan sebarang senyum
pada bibir terkatup yang gundahnya membakar wajan rasa?

tinggal kuhitung waktu
bahasa tuan nanti penuh dalam satu aksara.

[music] YG FAMILY Concert 2010 Encore!

the world needs to know : this video really really really made my day :*

how can i not love you YG Family!


[refleksi hari ini]

"kalau alasan kamu adalah takut, ya sudah... case closed. end of everything. selesai semuanya", kata bapak.

Mungkin karena itu "take the leap" hampir selalu menjadi bagian dari sebuah drama. Karena keberanian adalah sesuatu yang dijadikan, bukan ditunggu.

Jadi, kalau memang membuat berani "melompat", sedikit drama kenapa tidak? ;)