[sidenotes] LOSER.

a solo clip for TAEYANG story line. a full LOSER MV here.

despite how out of senses it might be, this clip is a very well packed summary of reasons why he is my bias. as much as i am open minded to an opposite attract theory, similarities speak no lies.

at first, however, i was dumbfounded, "that's it? really?" i didn't even bothered to elaborate the story line. what is there a metaphor of loser actually? but then various keywords flew through my head. all struck me. 

faithless. museless. emptiness. anxiousness.

i just strangely feel i could relate to those restlessness. strangely, i could feel the urge to question nearly everything, to unreasonably drive other people mad and then throwing the additional punch when they gave "what's your problem, dude?", to isolate myself among those trash pile (which i, too, strangely assumed as a metaphor to a cumulative mess of life you've unconsciously been cultivating, in a worse version : your sins). to randomly spread the signs of longing with those "leave me alone" vibe. spoiled much, no. he needs a big hug, from the back. with some "bro, calm down, would you".

nonetheless, his tearless cry while lying on the ground and his gaze on that black knitted mask perfectly represent those kind of emotions i'd like to hide from the rest of the world. because, of course, nobody (literally as in nobody) would understand anyway. being complicated is a choice, as addictive as it is, a twisted version of happiness. happiness on a parallel universe, might be.

i guess this clip tickles the masculine side of my brain just right. 

ps : so that's how the wheelchair came, i see *deep sigh*