kepingan resah berhenti pada pagar.
lalu setelah halaman, ada rumah yang tak kenal kata pulang.

ada tangan-tangan maya yang mereka-reka akhir cerita.
tanpa kertas dan pena.
tanpa "aku" dan "kamu".

dengan jiwa pengembara dan kepala laksana samudera,
dan hati yang belum duduk sempurna,
cukuplah sebuah jalan memutar menggenapkan sebilangan.




sekian tentang rasa,
tirai pun turun.

tak ada lagi tangan-tangan yang sibuk menyibak,
karena mereka sudah mengantongi surat jalan.

berikutnya adalah tentang asa.
tirai pun usang, dan panggung berlubang.

yang ada tinggal kaki-kaki kecil pembuat jejak,
pada belantara tanpa bekal naskah.

hujan di akhir.

air-air bertahan di udara,
sementara waktu tidak juga tepat.

hingga akhirnya deras,
dan tak mampu menahan kaki-kaki yang ingin pergi.


[short chapter] a lost thank you note.

i hate to admit one thing : that sure enough, that time, i fell in love with you. a familiar stranger. a good friend. a rainbow-styled grayscale. an ANYTHING in BETWEEN.

i fell in love with how you oppose almost all of my thoughts. i fell in love with how you see possibilities in any negative talks. i fell in love with how you picture things in perspective. i fell in love with how you dealt with pessimism and frustration by a single smile. i fell in love with the way you didn't love me back.

and i still love the way you often came as a clear mirror to me. for any bitter facts you put into my midnight coffee, i owe you that indefinite future ahead. for nothing sweet you've presented to me, i genuinely thank you.

ps : i'm so sorry the thank you note got lost within my pride.


[short chapter] 11.00 pm.

you don't really give a damn about your own plan, do you?
all you think is how to get others' things done, perfectly, effectively.

but i don't care. i don't care of how good you did.

i only care whether you think enough of yourself, 
and give a proper space for your soul.

please, don't think so bad about me.


A midnight conversation. Not the usual one. But, still, quite expected coming from him. I had no idea how to answer that, though.

What's currently on my mind, right here, right now - yes, you're right, in the middle of a serious talk with him - is how can I squeeze three meetings in a day, tomorrow. How should I arrange my route effectively. Where should I get breakfast, grab a quick cup of black coffee. How long should I prepare the presentation files, should thirty-slides okay.

A quick blinks on the clock on his dashboard : 10.00 pm. No can't do. Let's assume I got home at the latest at 11,00 pm, getting refreshed and so on, open my notebook at 00.00 am. Still need at least three hours of sleep, so I would only have one hour sharp. Eighteen slides it is.

That is a 11.00 pm at home scenario.


i know it. why don't you get back to your good old habit of making new year's resolution. and tell me again, why was it you stop making one? was it because none of them you could accomplish?

you're so simple-minded.

don't you think you just have to give yourself a more decent time to make it happen? you know. you're not that clever as anybody else think you are. you can't really do a strategic thinking yourself, or can you?

please, for once in a while, listen to me.


That won't do. A presentation with no slides should be accepted.