dear Azalea,

be strong. stand for yourself. be nice. restrain yourself from talking too much. be brave. listen and read the world wholeheartedly. you are the one who'd be held responsible for the life you build.

and if you have to choose one or two comrades, i pray that your heart would lead you to those who are equal match for you. in good and bad.

because Azalea, i believe you are granted with things no less and no more than that of how much you had fight for.

love and pat,



summer fling.


it’s that time of the year : a summer fling. 
a perfect time when your mind is just illogically getting shaken and your heart suddenly can’t lie. or that time of your life when you realized your heart already was stolen once, but then you secretly hope for the second. you know it’s just not possible.

that things happened in parallel all over this universe. that you had your mind busy with destinations, yet your heart is just getting lost somewhere in the wilderness due to signals misinterpretation. speaking of which is why this falling in love to be out of senses. 

it’s (just) a summer fling, i tell you. but it doesn’t mean it could not have an everlasting warm shades as autumn.

an excerpt from : http://sketchingstar.tumblr.com/post/120347643987/summer-fling