september 2016.

there are times in life, where all you need is a fit-all kind of hug, a Baymax-Hiro or a Calvin-Hobbes type of hug. there are other times, where all you need is a "don't go, please" kind of request. there are other times, where all you need is none other than letting all of those go, that they just happened to be things not belong to you.

i had a dream, of visiting M and M, of exploring I, of having a slow vacation at K and O, of finally going an E trip, all with the two hands full of other hearts than mine, of baggage not only a single back-not-so-pack. i had a dream of having pieces of paper full of checklist, making sure that nothing would go wrong, while he's busy taking care (read : playing with) him and her. i had a dream that one day, i don't have to live another solitary days.

however i now have an only dream, to become one who'd be well deserved of having such dreams. that dreams never come with only "do come true" but also with "undying responsibility" and "unstoppable after effects".

life is indeed a series of how you make peace with your faith. not with how people perceive it, not with how people expect you to perceive it. not with how you assume it expects you to perceive it.

God loves you. and supposedly, in any way, a vice versa. do you?