dance to the songs.

i'm sorry if for some days my posts seem to be meaningless. at these times i just want to use my sanctuary as my mood booster. and lately my life have been going around this BigBang thingy. of course it started as a side effect of spending too much time just thinking my thesis.

well, at the beginning it was G-Dragon's Butterfly. next it was Koe wo Kikasete (sounds dominated with TaeYang's adorable voice), followed by DaeSung sweet yet strong voice. with the song entitled "Baby Don't Cry", he made me really want to cry instead. anddd to add their live singing version on most of their song, plus their attractive dances, before i realize i fell in love with them. and this, also including the annoying makne SeungRi, and the cool eldest one TOP.

this one is one my favorite choreography of their dances. the song itself entitled "Somebody to Love" the performance practice video made me easy to watch the whole moves. too bad they didn't have the record for my most favorite, Lies. i really want to see its choreography in full version.

and this one is one of my favorite of their stage performances. it a different song from one on the video above. this one entitled "What is Right?"  ;)

yep. what is right anyway?

d'oh this thesis is really killing me.