is not something i would refer to wasting time doing unnecessary things which i looove, including daydreaming.

is something i would say it hard whenever i caught myself being envious of someone else's achievement. if i had time to be envious, then i should have time to make mine my own way.

and truthfully, the idea that if anybody else could do it then i definitely must be able do it too... ermm... just torture me. ahem, of course i might be able to do it if i put lots of effort on it. the thing is, unfortunately, i don't want to. if the intention were as good as to motivate others, just believe in them, alone, is more than enough.

i hate being underrated. yet it's beyond hate to be generalized together with others. if they (really) can do it, which made them then think that others must be able doing it as well, i'd prefer to be able doing something else they can't. 

it's just never worth it to do thing out of intimidation. it's worse than doing it out of obligation if i may say. 

i immediately wrote this post right after i saw one of my 'following' friends on twitter posted a status that i couldn't less agree. yet just saying "agree" sounds lame to me, i end up wrote this a little too long.