I AM an Aries :))

from @ZodiacFacts 

"As an #Aries you're most drawn to a partner who is warm,loving and caring, but independent enough not to tolerate too much of your nonsense." 
-- i am indeed full of nonsense. --

"Don’t play games with an #Aries, they’re far too intelligent and they’ll probably lose their tempers real quick." 
-- that's why i'd prefer to say that i don't have any temper since i often loose it real quick. --

"In fact, the best way to get an #Aries (of any age) to do something, is to tell them not too. They view that as a challenge." 
-- tell me "don't!" and sure i'll report to you "done it!" it's out of rebellion. it's mere a curiosity. --

"#Aries fear failure more than anything else in the world, so they’d rather give up a project than do it badly."
-- things have to be perfectly done...in my way. i don't do people's standards. perfection has nothing to do with lower or higher standard. it only has to do with 'meet the standard, and surpass it'. --

di tengah-tengah tesis mendadak ZodiacFacts. menghibur sekali, sekaligus memotivasi dan membuat bercermin. besok-besok cari versi BloodType ah :))