taken from Islamic Thoughts :

You're not responsible for what people think about you. 
But you're responsible for what you give them to think about you.

I always know that us, human being, can not ever be living alone. Yet it took me a detour to realize that us, human being, actually, does not live alone.


and still searching that right "place" for me.
and still on my way to that very destination of our meeting point. i'm getting there, soon, dear. would you please reach that place in the very same time as mine? we've once synchronized our timer, haven't we? it's getting closer, isn't it? i'm now going as fast as i could be. and i hope you do too. 
please, let us make it in time.

sometimes, a relieve came through disappointments.
sometimes, a willing came through impassioned desires.
sometimes, a dream was a collection of shattered realities.
and always, future came in a same speed as our visions.

and there are some trusts those time can't ever compensate.
and there are some kind of loneliness that each of us must bear in certain times of life.
and as far as i know, happiness is never a choice, it's a blessing. so whenever we feel happy, we should make sure to give a proper thanks to Who-gave-it-to-us. and for what happiness is, it's all ours to see.

with no plan, here i welcome you my last year of twenty something. 
you know what's left on my before-thirty list, don't you?


a birthday is already a gift, 
of which through it the universe is telling me to move ahead.
happy birthday, perempuan :)


titis said...

Selamat Ulang Tahun lagi, Sahabat :) Semoga satu tahun ke depan membawa berkah dan membawa ke perjalanan-perjalanan baru berikutnya.

Remember that you are allowed to take the trip by train instead of by roller blade ;)

Have a nice journey ahead, Wid. Waiting for your new stories to come!

Hugs and looooooooots of kisses,

widyastri said...

much thank you, my dearest bestfriend, untuk doa-doa dan supportnya :)

i think i still need to experience some pain from falling off the roller blade, though, but soon enough i hope i'll be able to collect all it takes to claim my train ticket. quiet excited myself to see what kind of journey i'll be having ahead ;)

hugs and kisses, again, from miles away...hope to see you real soon :)