[journal] bad things do happen.

when you had people done something bad to you, don't you just wanna ask yourself 'what have i done?'. truthfully, however, there're times i don't want to. instead, i'd wanna ask them 'why did you do that to me?'

. . .

so, i guess this is how it feels to be tricked by some people. i always thought such things only happened in dramas. or perhaps it happened several times to me, yet i just didn't realize it. 

oh, well, as long as they who tricked me happy by doing so, i think i'll be also doing just fine. 
however i'm not taking any responsibilities of sins, if there're any, it consists of, though. thank you. oh, and i'm not also taking any responsibilities of any change of heart i might have that one day i might want to have them to pay it off.