[journal] beautiful.

Once, I found this image on instagram. More or less it's a list of other ways to call your daughter a princess. Some from the list actually reminds me of some ways my parents once called me. I am no warrior, but my mom definitely sees me as a brave kid. My dad, in any subtle way, sounds like encouraging me to be a leader, not just a yes girl. And yes, he said that me as a little child had a very strong curiosity. Well, I do remember I asked a lot of questions while I was little. And of course, both my mom and dad, recognize me as a rather strong and smart daughter.

No. I never called a princess. Nor ever they said I'm beautiful. So I grew up far from the idea that being beautiful is one of the top priorities. Until I met the reality : school. However I did survive.

So it's kind of surprising when being more beautiful was to come to my list for this year. What kind of beautiful that I actually referring to?

Just recently I found the answer. It's a kind of beautiful I wished my daughter would rather see, later in time if I ever to have one : wild flowers.

Strong, alive, and could only be capture by people with certain eyes.

ps : Joe Hisaishi's songs are indeed among the stimulation to my very random thoughts, and I definitely read too much of shoujo mangas.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why my mother never call me with beautiful names like these..haha. My family are lacks of melancholic taste. She always calls me "Stubborn" or "Stonehead" and I guess I really live up the names.