a script on another might be about falling in love.


there's gonna be a lot notes about falling in love.

maybe it's still not the time.
maybe the time has already passed, who knew?
maybe it's about the wrong person,
maybe, or maybe, it's about the wrong time.

maybe, it's just the wrong side of heart,
a wrong side of soul.

maybe there's time difference in how our heart flips.
maybe there's a split screen on how our feelings being unmutual.
maybe there's an undo button right before the love fell from sky.

maybe the story starts in an imaginary parallel universe, if there's one.

it might, however, also be the exact time.
the destined one on the destined time.
with the right side of heart and soul.

it might, as well, that time difference was just about a perspective.
the split screen didn't even valid as reasons, as they were not virtual.
and an undo button, was just, as much, not needed.

because love falls against all prerequisites,
and those include another opened heart to catch.

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