[journal] my (first) Bigbang concert, a teaser.

it was beyond of what I've imagined.

the five amazing eagle boys :
Kwon Jiyong. Dong Youngbae. Choi Seunghyun. Kang Daesung. Lee Seunghyun

on stage.
all five.
right in front of my eyes.
(i still can't believe it!)

singing. dancing. a high quality performance you think you could not ever expect from idols.

it was one of the finest night of my life. one good night to get high. 

a party vs a tranquility.
. . .
yes, you may call me an illogical fangirl. 
but what logic is there needed to enjoy such disorderly harmony?

ps : 
dear Bigbang, a wish list is accomplished and i love you even more
thank you for such a beautiful night, boys

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